Wednesday, February 23, 2011

JAPAN - somewhere on the road

I completely lost track of what day it is now but i think we've been here for about a week and a half. We've been driving around on the roads, looking for spots to hike to with of course Taka guiding us. Taka is a gifted snowboarder, wish i could leak some B shots but unfortunately I dont have any... everything he does is retarded.
Our van and Harrison doing a garbage run

Walking to the boot pack

shooting from the middle of the road.
I have no idea what this is, but im gonna eat it

Louif hitting a popper
This is the cliff Taka and Wolle hit. the list of tricks is too long

Chriss Carr found a huge log to starfish on
Cookie monster!
Wolle hit this jump with this ASMO board, the powsurfer and he lost it in the creek. that sucked

plastic food is a huge business in Japan
Thats what you get for sharing a room with Harrison
Chris about to get crunked up

Harrison found his true passion
I bought this cobra snake for souvenir

Thursday, February 17, 2011

JAPAN day 4: Asahidake

Today we went to this resort called Asahidake. its like the jackson hole of Hokaido. there's a big tram that goes up every 20 minutes so you gotta be quick on your ride down cause its sucks if you miss it.. Since it was super flat light we didnt really shoot anything but we got some laps in and thats gets me stoked.
lift ticket

Getting that powdersnake crispy

Thats the spot.

Java havent stretched since 1993
proper stoner sticker job by Taka
some frozen cell phone tower

first run!

Louif was testing a new prototype board with aggressive reverse camber

you have to be dumb to think it doesnt work
legit tailpress

frozen sign in the whiteout

That guy was definitely wearing his sister's pants

after a few runs we went hiking out of bounds and shot a couple things in the trees.  thats about it for today!

Monday, February 14, 2011

JAPAN day 2: neigeboarding

Here we are second day in japan, we left from Saporro in the morning and met up with Salomon rider Taka Nakai up in Niseko. we had enough time to go up for a little hike and take one run. the snow is unreal.
Harrison posing in front of our van with his super legit boardbag
That van is so sick. no steering wheel. louif on autopilot

biggest rail to bank in japan. 

mellow snowbanks over here

Harrison using the only backcountry item he brought on this trip

the boss ready for the snowstorm

Taka Nakai, one of the seven samurai and overall boss of japan

We just went out for a mellow hike to check out the snow.

I could move in that house

almost to the top

Taka getting ready to drop in. sorry no actual shredding photos on that lap... too good

second encounter with the shiba-inu. I might bring one back

here's the view from our living room. tough life

I could shoot from our kitchen if I wanted too

JAPAN day 1!

So we got to japan and our bags didnt make it the first day.. so we just walked around Sapporo all day. pretty cool city here's a bunch of photos click to make them bigger:

mellow snack at 7/11

I went for that instead

japanese strats

balls flapping in the wind


Louif and Harrison looking for a healt center

trendy haircuts

they even have the statue of liberty

rolling stone eating dreamcatcher acid

this is actually sick

Java hanging by Nima's house

bike with no seat

madness. that was really entertaining. i have no idea what is going on here.

first encounter with the shiba inu

came up to a copy of technical difficulties while browsing the vhs bin in a trift store.

bumped into Mike Yoshida on the streets