Thursday, March 10, 2011

Salomon Booth at SIA in Denver

Here are some photos of the Salomon/Bonfire booth at the SIA trade show in Denver. All photos that I shot last season, and they blew up a bunch super huge. Pretty stoked on how it turned out!

The booth
Chirs and Jed's boards
JEd and Chris giant size
Harrison lipslide, Chris getting iced and Taka frontside invert.
AK mountains and Dirksen on the sick stick
more boards
photos from the Bonfire catalog shoot
Bode at work
Harrison just standing there. huge
Des and bode
Bode pictured here with the actual Salomon tab
Videograss also used some of my photos of Harrison and Jed for the promo poster of the new movies,  "Shoot the moon" and "Retrospect", coming out fall 2011!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Surf Day with Wolle Nyvelt

So we drove to the coast the other day to go check out the waves. I've never shot surf photos before so I dont really have any idea what im doing... but it was really fun. So sick to be able to go snowboarding and surfing in the same 24 hours. We've been riding so much neige in the last two weeks, it was a good break to go in the water, even if it was freezing cold.

It was pouring rain out, good thing we had this big van

Walking on snow to get to the beach
The waves were pretty small but it was still really fun

Boris hungout on that rock all day to film 

frontside for the boys

Wolle is living the dream