Monday, June 25, 2012

SLEEP in Seattle

Earlier this month I went to see SLEEP play in Seattle, two nights in a row. It was by far the best thing ever. They played Neumos, so I was right in front of the stage getting my ears smashed. They played every songs you wanna hear, plus a new song and on the second night they player Dopesmoker. I just got my film back from the lab, here are some photos:

Lean back

every single dopesmoker leads. the best.

the new drummer is holding it down.

A Genius

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Holiday customs

hey there! for anybody who cares about this bluuuug well im sorry i havent posted since last fall cause ive only been shooting some boarding in the last little while... but im back at shooting other random shit now so ill be postin.
So a couple weeks ago I rode my bike from Squamish to portland to hang. went and met up with Jared at Holiday customs for a little afternoon cruise and shot some pics. if youre in portland and you need a bike talk to him cause hes good:


Jared's bike