Thursday, September 30, 2010

Etienne Tremblay back in 2003

So i was looking through my old stuff and I found a bunch of old scans from 2003 onwards. Most of this stuff is un-published because back then i was a nobody shooting a lot of sequences of french canadians with weird names.. haha! Im gonna start posting all those shots just for the hell of it. Starting with Etienne Tremblay, one of my all time favorite out of Quebec. Do you homework, look him up.
Here's 5 shots, all medium format:
This was a little photo montage i did for Etienne's intro in Clockwork i think. TX400

Mellon in Blackcomb pipe - provia 100

Big frontside air at Island lake lodge, BC. Ilford HP5

Gap to Boardslide, fucked up the framing on that one woops.. Quebec. provia 100

Method on the popular Brohm ridge jump.. this is one of my favs... provia 100

Dinner time

this monster was hanging out right over my BBQ tonight. amazing

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

more 2009 stuff!

Kale Stephens and Gaetan chanut looking for pow in whistler

Nick Sauve - bs 5050 - Quebec

MFR - Shin Campos - Annie Boulanger - pemberton heli

Louif Paradis - bs nosepress nollie bs 80 out - Quebec

Some guy at superpark, mammoth

Gaetan Chanut and Kale Stephens - on top of a jump in Whistler

Tim Humphreys - stailfish to fakie - mammoth

Travis Rice getting bareled in Juneau, Alaska
LNP - Quebec

Friday, September 24, 2010


Milking some more un-published shots from last year:

Louif Paradis - boardslide - Toronto january 09'

Big lou

LNP- boardslide - Quebec 09'


Wille Yli-Luoma - cab540 - Juneau, Alaska 09'


Nick Dirks - 50-50 - SLC 09'

Dick Nirks

Will Lavigne - tailpress - Toronto 09'

Bill Lavigne

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Went to see SLEEP last weekend in Portland, i can die a happy man.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You can fax me later.

The beginning of the end. this is one more reason for me to waste time on this stupid computer... a blog. a website. call it whatever you want, its better than nothing. here's a bunch of un-published photos from 2009 to start with...

DCP - Juneau, Alaska - march 09'

DCP - method - Whistler - april 09'

Jonas Michilot - blunt - Minnesota january 09'

Wille and DCP - Juneau, Alaska march 09'

John Foy - switch bs 180 - Utah feb 09'

Dan Migno - Toronto airport january 09'

Alex Cantin - switch boardslide - Utah january 09'

Greg Desjardins - swfs 180 tailpress bs 180 out - Quebec

Bjorn Leines - method - Utah feb 09'

Ben Bilocq - tailpress - Utah january 09'