Thursday, September 30, 2010

Etienne Tremblay back in 2003

So i was looking through my old stuff and I found a bunch of old scans from 2003 onwards. Most of this stuff is un-published because back then i was a nobody shooting a lot of sequences of french canadians with weird names.. haha! Im gonna start posting all those shots just for the hell of it. Starting with Etienne Tremblay, one of my all time favorite out of Quebec. Do you homework, look him up.
Here's 5 shots, all medium format:
This was a little photo montage i did for Etienne's intro in Clockwork i think. TX400

Mellon in Blackcomb pipe - provia 100

Big frontside air at Island lake lodge, BC. Ilford HP5

Gap to Boardslide, fucked up the framing on that one woops.. Quebec. provia 100

Method on the popular Brohm ridge jump.. this is one of my favs... provia 100

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