Monday, December 24, 2012

They are cool in Sweden.

So we were shooting in Stockholm last week, and one night we were hitting this lamp post thing when the swedish cops showed up to see what we were up to. One of the cops just pulled out his phone and started shooting photos of Chris (his timing was pretty on point if you ask me) and then asked if they could get a photo together. the funniest thing is, the next day they posted a story about it on their facebook page! I guess theyre not all dicks.. here is the translation:

From the official Police Facebook page:
"World class!
Sometimes we find the unusual and funny things when you're working. A bunch of snowboarders, from Canada and the United States, went on for hours on a film set last night. This is really close to the police station in Huddinge.
The guy who joined us in the picture is named Chris Grenier and is a worldclass snowboarder. They were here due to all the snow that arrived in Stockholm, and they film for a snowboard movie that will be released later this year.
A very nice feature of one besides gloomy night for many. Take care of each other - we wish you a good weekend!
/ Reine, Station Chief
Swedish Police
Huddinge Sweden

Monday, November 26, 2012

Midnight in Calgary

Earlier this fall my band (hoopsnake (hit us with a like while youre here) played NOCTIS fest in Calgary. it was the best. Noctis has been going for a couple years now and this year they had on the bill Venom, Speedwolf, Midnight, Pig Destroyer, our buds Ancients from vancouver, and Psycho stick to name a few.. but so many others it was going on for 3 days. sickest weekend ever we got the full rockstar treatment which is almost weird cause we're used to play dive bars and eat pizza. anyways. got around to shoot a few photos of Midnight and then I realized I only brought one roll of film. so thats all I got...
2/3 of Hoopsnake

Havent slept in two days!! our bud t-bird from Edmonton.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Photo show in Vancouver

Had the best time last weekend! friday and saturday photo show at the interurban gallery in vancouver.  my first photo show with non-snowboarding photos. thanks to everybody who showed up and also who bought prints from me. also mad props to Tina liimu, andy social, aaron Davidson and ted reckoning for showing radical photos and chris for setting up the show! cant wait for next year


skateboards and metal

I wish I knew the story behind this scene

Electric Wizard epicness

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One more Chris Grenier Cover!

Our friend Chris has been on a roll lately and I wanted to give him mad props for his third cover of the season, the new issue of King Snow mag. double fence one footers are serious business. Got get this magazine and go buy Chris's board. right now

KING SNOW's new issue

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cover of the new issue of SNOWBOARDER mag!!

HELL yeah Brandon Cocard's back lip landed on the cover of Snowboarder mag this month! So stoked  for him this is his first cover and many to come im sure!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Snowboarder mag double covers

A little late on posting this, but holy shit i'm so stoked on getting the front and back cover of Snowboarder mag's september issue. So lucky. Chris Grenier on the front and Blair Habenicht on the back. or the other way around i'm not sure. Either way these guys are insane snowboarders and I feel really lucky to have the chance to hang out and shoot with them. Slowly getting pumped for the winter here, its getting cold!

Chris Grenier frontboard in Alaska

Blair Habenicht blasting one in Whistler in my backyard

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

weekend bike/camping trip to Ucluelet

So I got bored one day and decided to hop on the pan and go on a trip over to Vancouver island, all the way across to Ucluelet. My friend marie-france lives there and surfs all the time so I figured I could go visit. I had never been there for whatever reason but it turned out to be the best place. My friend Forbes happened to be on bicycle trip so we hooked up and went camping at Elephant rock, see the photo below its amazing. met a bunch of new friends, surfed, skated. This is what summer is all about..

Marie-France is one of the best human I know. She took me to the drunk tank, showed me her mud house, took me surfing and gave me a place to sleep

will be there forever

This is the elephant rock. its insane. I couldnt believe it when we got there. whenever the tide is high it looks like he is drinking water.

We camped right here

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A day at Multnomah falls

Colleen, Java and I did a day trip to the windells skatepark and Multnomah falls just outside of Portland, a little while back. not gonna lie, its really pretty out there... here are some pics from my Contax:
There's no way I could've shot this photo of Java without my personal assistant.

I wish I could remember what Java was telling me here.


Poser #1

Poser #2

I challenged Java to walk across that log over the river. No go.

Where's the memory card? woops
Rock barel 

Monday, June 25, 2012

SLEEP in Seattle

Earlier this month I went to see SLEEP play in Seattle, two nights in a row. It was by far the best thing ever. They played Neumos, so I was right in front of the stage getting my ears smashed. They played every songs you wanna hear, plus a new song and on the second night they player Dopesmoker. I just got my film back from the lab, here are some photos:

Lean back

every single dopesmoker leads. the best.

the new drummer is holding it down.

A Genius

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Holiday customs

hey there! for anybody who cares about this bluuuug well im sorry i havent posted since last fall cause ive only been shooting some boarding in the last little while... but im back at shooting other random shit now so ill be postin.
So a couple weeks ago I rode my bike from Squamish to portland to hang. went and met up with Jared at Holiday customs for a little afternoon cruise and shot some pics. if youre in portland and you need a bike talk to him cause hes good:


Jared's bike