Monday, November 26, 2012

Midnight in Calgary

Earlier this fall my band (hoopsnake (hit us with a like while youre here) played NOCTIS fest in Calgary. it was the best. Noctis has been going for a couple years now and this year they had on the bill Venom, Speedwolf, Midnight, Pig Destroyer, our buds Ancients from vancouver, and Psycho stick to name a few.. but so many others it was going on for 3 days. sickest weekend ever we got the full rockstar treatment which is almost weird cause we're used to play dive bars and eat pizza. anyways. got around to shoot a few photos of Midnight and then I realized I only brought one roll of film. so thats all I got...
2/3 of Hoopsnake

Havent slept in two days!! our bud t-bird from Edmonton.


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