Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Snowboarder Covers, Shot the same day

 So yeah I guess I got pretty lucky on that one. here's two covers I shot this past winter, and the one with Nicolas just came out now. the two photos were shot the same day, on the same run actually. One of the most productive run of my winter id say! here's Nico and Bode killing it, better watch theyre part in the new Absynthe Movie "NOW/HERE"
Nicolas Muller, fs 360. huge. that one was a bitch to get the right angle. Usually when im shooting in Alaska i just get dropped off where ever the riders are going instead of getting the angle from across the valley. thats too far anyways, and i get to ride sweet shit too. for that one i had to hike down the steepest face ever with my snowshoes. I was kinda worried i would not be able to hike back up. fortunately i was able to pack a bunch of little stairs and made my way back up to go shoot Bode's jump. Oh and Nico landed this first try, obviously.

Bode Merrill, big ol pillow launcher. as opposed to the other  one, that one was easy.. i just rode down to it and setup in a minute. Its good to have it easy sometimes i guess.. one of my favorite photos of my winter.

Travis Kennedy - Promo copy year

                      Here's a couple old scans of TK the kid. sick part in Defective film's "promo copy"
Front board in helsinki, narrow set. kodak TMX 3200
Switch bs 360 in whistler. yeah travis is from AK, remember?
50-50 in Helsinki. I was standing in the middle of the highway when i shot this. no zoom lenses on hassy's! that kink rail was a beast at the time. TX 400

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New issue of SLASH magazine out now!!

                                                    Check it online at www.slashmagazine.ca

Saturday, October 9, 2010

More oldies

Here's a couple more old scans from the old days!

David Aubry - Japan in whistler, super sick quarter pipe session 
Guillaume brochu - Boardslide - Quebec. Guillaume was so hungry back then, that kink rail is so gnarly

Guillaume Brochu - Lipslide - Quebec. super shitty framing and there's my sketchy flash in the photo haha! Guillaume was the first to lipslide the red ledge. mad props

Etienne Gilbert - Frontboard - Quebec. gnarly and legit

Etienne Gilbert - Frontboard - Quebec. I cant remember in what movie that video shot went, (triumph or clockwork?) but this was one of the sickest frontboard done on a kink rail at the time. Solo session, only etienne and me. its funny cause he did it so many times, I shot a sequence, a couple stills and I also filmed the video shot!

Kris Wilson - method - Whistler. gnarly double line on some sketchy ice face..

Mike Page - half cab - Whistler. flawless style, amazing snowboarder. I wish you were still around man

Monday, October 4, 2010

A couple morphed sequences.

A couple sequences from 2003-2004:
Mat Beardmore switch bs720 in Whistler, its a shame the original slides were sent to a company and they lost it... so this low-res scan is all i have left
Matt Beardmore, such a sick cab 900

Benji Ritchie bs 540 the perfect jump!

Gaetan Chanut backside 180 in Whistler

Chris Coulter huge cab 900 on the Forum step down. Chris is gnarly

Iikka Backstrom switch bs 180 

Friday, October 1, 2010

I miss that time...

Gonna get it going again this year i think

Chad Otterstrom - 2003

Here's a couple shots of Chad Otterstrom, back in 2003 I think. The Forum dudes got him a big Otter suit for his intro and he was trying to snowboard in it. Chad is the man, and I would love to see a new video part someday...
MT-Hood and Trilium lake - Fuji NPH400

completely blind air to fakie - provia 100

chad rules

Pemberton hip - provia 100