Saturday, October 9, 2010

More oldies

Here's a couple more old scans from the old days!

David Aubry - Japan in whistler, super sick quarter pipe session 
Guillaume brochu - Boardslide - Quebec. Guillaume was so hungry back then, that kink rail is so gnarly

Guillaume Brochu - Lipslide - Quebec. super shitty framing and there's my sketchy flash in the photo haha! Guillaume was the first to lipslide the red ledge. mad props

Etienne Gilbert - Frontboard - Quebec. gnarly and legit

Etienne Gilbert - Frontboard - Quebec. I cant remember in what movie that video shot went, (triumph or clockwork?) but this was one of the sickest frontboard done on a kink rail at the time. Solo session, only etienne and me. its funny cause he did it so many times, I shot a sequence, a couple stills and I also filmed the video shot!

Kris Wilson - method - Whistler. gnarly double line on some sketchy ice face..

Mike Page - half cab - Whistler. flawless style, amazing snowboarder. I wish you were still around man

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