Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Snowboarder Covers, Shot the same day

 So yeah I guess I got pretty lucky on that one. here's two covers I shot this past winter, and the one with Nicolas just came out now. the two photos were shot the same day, on the same run actually. One of the most productive run of my winter id say! here's Nico and Bode killing it, better watch theyre part in the new Absynthe Movie "NOW/HERE"
Nicolas Muller, fs 360. huge. that one was a bitch to get the right angle. Usually when im shooting in Alaska i just get dropped off where ever the riders are going instead of getting the angle from across the valley. thats too far anyways, and i get to ride sweet shit too. for that one i had to hike down the steepest face ever with my snowshoes. I was kinda worried i would not be able to hike back up. fortunately i was able to pack a bunch of little stairs and made my way back up to go shoot Bode's jump. Oh and Nico landed this first try, obviously.

Bode Merrill, big ol pillow launcher. as opposed to the other  one, that one was easy.. i just rode down to it and setup in a minute. Its good to have it easy sometimes i guess.. one of my favorite photos of my winter.

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