Monday, December 24, 2012

They are cool in Sweden.

So we were shooting in Stockholm last week, and one night we were hitting this lamp post thing when the swedish cops showed up to see what we were up to. One of the cops just pulled out his phone and started shooting photos of Chris (his timing was pretty on point if you ask me) and then asked if they could get a photo together. the funniest thing is, the next day they posted a story about it on their facebook page! I guess theyre not all dicks.. here is the translation:

From the official Police Facebook page:
"World class!
Sometimes we find the unusual and funny things when you're working. A bunch of snowboarders, from Canada and the United States, went on for hours on a film set last night. This is really close to the police station in Huddinge.
The guy who joined us in the picture is named Chris Grenier and is a worldclass snowboarder. They were here due to all the snow that arrived in Stockholm, and they film for a snowboard movie that will be released later this year.
A very nice feature of one besides gloomy night for many. Take care of each other - we wish you a good weekend!
/ Reine, Station Chief
Swedish Police
Huddinge Sweden

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