Tuesday, October 2, 2012

weekend bike/camping trip to Ucluelet

So I got bored one day and decided to hop on the pan and go on a trip over to Vancouver island, all the way across to Ucluelet. My friend marie-france lives there and surfs all the time so I figured I could go visit. I had never been there for whatever reason but it turned out to be the best place. My friend Forbes happened to be on bicycle trip so we hooked up and went camping at Elephant rock, see the photo below its amazing. met a bunch of new friends, surfed, skated. This is what summer is all about..

Marie-France is one of the best human I know. She took me to the drunk tank, showed me her mud house, took me surfing and gave me a place to sleep

will be there forever

This is the elephant rock. its insane. I couldnt believe it when we got there. whenever the tide is high it looks like he is drinking water.

We camped right here

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