Monday, February 14, 2011

JAPAN day 1!

So we got to japan and our bags didnt make it the first day.. so we just walked around Sapporo all day. pretty cool city here's a bunch of photos click to make them bigger:

mellow snack at 7/11

I went for that instead

japanese strats

balls flapping in the wind


Louif and Harrison looking for a healt center

trendy haircuts

they even have the statue of liberty

rolling stone eating dreamcatcher acid

this is actually sick

Java hanging by Nima's house

bike with no seat

madness. that was really entertaining. i have no idea what is going on here.

first encounter with the shiba inu

came up to a copy of technical difficulties while browsing the vhs bin in a trift store.

bumped into Mike Yoshida on the streets

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