Thursday, February 17, 2011

JAPAN day 4: Asahidake

Today we went to this resort called Asahidake. its like the jackson hole of Hokaido. there's a big tram that goes up every 20 minutes so you gotta be quick on your ride down cause its sucks if you miss it.. Since it was super flat light we didnt really shoot anything but we got some laps in and thats gets me stoked.
lift ticket

Getting that powdersnake crispy

Thats the spot.

Java havent stretched since 1993
proper stoner sticker job by Taka
some frozen cell phone tower

first run!

Louif was testing a new prototype board with aggressive reverse camber

you have to be dumb to think it doesnt work
legit tailpress

frozen sign in the whiteout

That guy was definitely wearing his sister's pants

after a few runs we went hiking out of bounds and shot a couple things in the trees.  thats about it for today!

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