Monday, August 8, 2011


Here are some photos from Disasterdaze, a super rad bike show over on the Sunshine coast this past weekend. Met so many people, had a fun jam session/party at Mike's dads place and slept under the stars. Mainly photos of bikes that caught my attention and also riding photos cause we rode a ton .

Dean, Donovan and Mike 

Brett's crazyness

stopped to fix my broken gas cap and found the Hoopsnake



  1. Good meeting you Oli. Had ablast!

  2. Nice dude!

  3. These bikes look great and I think the winners truly deserve the recognition. I love the color scheme of that Mama Tried and I would buy it if I have an extra arm to trade for it. Haha! By the way, can you re-upload the Roko Trailbreaker? I would love to see it but the link doesn’t work. Keep it up with these shows!

    Erik Lucien

  4. Whut?! A Hoopsnake? How did it get there? Anyhow, that Mint 45 is a very nice-looking bike! Well, aside from riding, my daughter is really into this kind of color too, so she’ll definitely be in love with this bike!

    Claudio Mccarty

  5. Checking out vintage cars and bikes on vintage shows during the summer is always a fascinating experience. I’ve already appreciated those set of wheels even when I was younger. It's because my dad always takes me with him whenever there's a vintage auto show nearby.

    Hannah Parkin